S Type Load Cell



Named for their s-type shape, S beam load cells are most often found in mechanical-to-electronic scale conversion applications, suspended hoppers or tanks and general purpose weighing applications. These load cells are available in capacities ranging from 25 lbs through 20,000 lbs.



Ultra Precision Strain Gage based ‘S’-beam Load Cell is Versatile, compact and rugged. It is used for tension measurements, tensile testing, weighing, industrial automation and research applications. It is universal Load Cell Suitable for both-tension and compression modes.




  • 20 Kgf. to 20000 Kgf. Capacities available.
  • High Alloy Tool Steel construction for resistance  against   shock and overload.
  • Complete Environmental Protection -IP67 class.
  • Standardised output (3.0 ± 0.25%) available on request.




  •  Conversion of Mechanical Scale to Electronic
  •  Tank, Hopper & Bag Weighing
  •  Force Measurement Tension & or Compression
  •  Dynamometer
  •  Hanging & Crane Scale

 Industrial Automation.


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