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Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions is the country’s trusted manufacturer of an exhaustive range of weighbridges and is recognized as most reliable portable weighbridge manufacturers. Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions is counted as one of the most reliable exporters and suppliers of weighbridges. If you are looking for a movable weighbridge, mobile weighbridge or any other kind of weighbridge system, then you can find them all at Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions.

Portable weighbridges are extensively used for wide range of industrial applications. At Wel-Tech, portable weighbridges are designed intelligently which makes them quick and easy to install. They are especially beneficial where there is a requirement for on-site truck weighing. These portable weighbridges are best suited for different surface mounted applications.

Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions manufactures self-contained, easy to move portable weighbridges that can be efficiently transported from one industrial site to another. These portable weighbridges are ideal for gravel and sand companies, quarries, logging companies and any other construction or related applications which require heavy equipment to be relocated from time to time.

Wel-Tech’s portable weighbridges come with many high-end features. These weighbridges are engineered to sustain a weight capacity of 50 tons per axle. They can easily weigh up to 99 scales and trucks of up to 120 tons. Each axle of the weighbridge is independently weighed and the total of all weighed axles is known as G.V.W. Another great benefit of portable weighbridges is that they considerably reduce civil work expenses. With these weighbridges, you can get results whose accuracy is better than 0.1%.

Portable weighbridges find applications in the vast mining as well as construction industry. They are also used to determine the axle weight overload. Portable weighbridges are also used at check posts. At Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions, superior quality steel is used to manufacture these Weighbridges. They have a tough steel deck along with steel approach ramps. This ensures measurements are accurate even under harsh weather conditions, heavy loading and constant moving.

Some of the portable weighbridges manufactured at Wel-Tech feature indicators that provide all-inclusive weighbridge solutions and also provide efficient results even in challenging environments. The indicators on the weighbridges feature Ethernet as well as serial communications along with various options like Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP and also Profibus DP.

These portable weighbridges are quick to install and do not require permanent, expensive foundations. They can be easily rested on a fairly horizontal level surface which should ideally be a tough concrete floor of industrial grade. This considerably reduces costs involved in on-site preparation and also time spent in installation. Portable weighbridges at Wel-Tech are also suitable for dynamic as well as static industrial weighing.




  • Capacity up to 50 tons /Axle
  • Weigh up to 99 scales
  • Weigh trucks up to 120 tons
  • Each axle weighed independently
  • The sum total of all axle weighed is G.V.W.
  • Very low cost on Civil work
  • Accuracy better than 0.1%




  • Construction and mining industry
  • Determination of overload of axle weights
  • Check posts.




  • Large external display available
  • Traffic light signaling
  • Dynamic & static weighing
  • Tare restoring facility




Platform Capacity

50 Tons 0-50 tones per axle in 20 kg divisions Alternate ranges available Load totaling up to 99 axles

Permitted overload


Field Accuracy

Plus or minus 0.1% of applied load

Temperature range

10 to + 600 C

Degree of Protection

IP 68

Indicator Unit

Bench mounting Exterior column mounting

Power supply

240V single phase AC, 50 Hz


Additional software can be included to meet specific Operational requirements




  • Less space consumption
  • Level with pavement
  • Capacity 1–50 tons per axle
  • Built-in Software that records each axle weight separately & computes GVW

Weighs GVW up to maximum 120 tons


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