Pit type weighbridge


Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions is a leading provider of a wide range of weighing solutions for all kinds of industrial equipment. Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It has an extensive range of pit type weighbridges. Being one of the top rated pit type weighbridge manufacturers, pit type weighbridges supplied by Wel-Tech are known for extreme reliability, incredible strength and quick installation compared to traditional weighbridge systems.
Wel-Tech’s pit type weighbridges are known to have a hassle-free foundation and feature bolt-down, fast sitting and state-of-the art box frame construction. Owing to its innovative features, many industrial operators in the country prefer Wel-Tech’s pit type weighbridges.
If you are a buyer looking for robust pit type weighbridge, then you can choose from movable weighbridge, electronic weighbridge, and pit type weighbridge among others. We are country’s most trusted suppliers and exporters of comprehensive weighbridge systems. We offer two options with pit type weighbridges. You can opt for a pit mounted truck scale or a surface mounted weighbridge depending on the amount of space available for their mounting. The platform of the pit mounted truck scale is engineered to endure challenging environmental conditions like extreme cold and rain. Over the years, Wel-Tech has built a strong reputation of using machines designed with the latest technology while manufacturing its Weighbridges. The production system adopted at Wel-Tech is characterized by a sharp focus on product quality and product performance. Wel-Tech also lays great importance on understanding its customer’s needs and requirements and tailoring its products to suit the needs.
Wel-Tech’s pit type weighbridges offer complete ease in installation. They do not require expensive tools to install and also the installation procedure is less time-consuming. These pit type weighbridges are insulated with high-end corrosion protection that is done through epoxy paint coating and shot blasting. Strict quality standards are maintained through the entire manufacturing process and each part is calibrated keeping a constant check on quality and performance.
Wel-Tech’s pit type weighbridges are manufactured using supreme quality steel for enhanced load sustaining capacity as well we augmented sectional efficacy. To ensure quality pit type weighbridges, Wel-Tech uses various innovative techniques like shot blasting, NDT testing, MIG welding, plasma cutting, epoxy finishing and protective coating that contribute to make these weighbridges extremely tough and durable.
One unique feature about Wel-Tech’s pit type weighbridges is that the calibration as well as the testing of the weighbridge equipment is carried out systematically before the weighbridge is shipped. This has ensured better quality standards and complete customer satisfaction.


TufDek Model has the following features


·          Innovative Orthogonally Isotropic modular design.

·          Designed using FEA - ANSYS and Nastran.

·          Designed for CLC concentrated load capacity of 40,000kg i.e 20tons per axle.

·          Fabricated using 410MPa High Tensile steel compared to 250MPa Mild Steel.

·          Fully welded modules using High Tensile welding wires offers rigidity to platform.

·          Modular Concept to offer easy installation, mobility and platform extension.

·          A sleek design requires shorter ramps.

·          Design proof checked and Approved By Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

·          Raft foundation helps in Low cost of ownership.

·          Durable compared to conventional structures.

·          Available in both Pit and Pit-less models.

·          Easier Foundation work and installation helps shorten project lead time.

·          Use of high tensile steel ensures stronger sectional efficiency and load bearing capacity


Accurate weight first time & every time:


·          Simple installation (<8hrs)

·          Excellent levels of corrosion protection through shot-blasting and epoxy paint coating

·          Factory build and calibrated with stringent quality standards

·          Use of Plasma Cutting, MIG Welding, NDT Testing, Shot Blasting, Protective Coating, Epoxy Finishing help in

·          creating quality weighbridges every time

·          The calibration and testing for each system is carried out prior to delivery.

You can choose either a Surface Mounted or a Pit Mounted Truck Scale depending on the space availability. The platform of the truck scale is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


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