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Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of quality weighing equipment across the country. Wel-Tech houses a wide range of high-end weighbridge systems that include truck weighbridge, electronic weighbridge among many others. Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and it has been providing quality weighing solutions to various industrial operators across India. We are recognized as one of the reputed pit less weighbridge manufacturers in the country.

One of its most popular products is the pit less weighbridges. Pit less weighbridges manufactured at Wel-Tech are known for their futuristic design. These low-profile weighbridges are quite easy to install and versatile to use. The structure of a pit less weighbridge is quite similar to the earlier version of a weighbridge. However, pit less weighbridges have a slightly elevated structure which helps in quick maintenance work. The land needed for a pit less weighbridge is more compared to a pit type weighbridge because a pit less weighbridge require approach ramps on both ends for effective functioning. A pit less weighbridge is ideal for sites which are high-risk and pose much danger like rocky or hard soil areas. Also, a pit less weighbridge is ideal when the site anticipates relocation.

At Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions, superior quality steel is used to manufacture pit less weighbridges. These pit less weighbridges are made completely of steel and designed to be take shape of a box like square-shaped grid network enveloped in a half-bolted construction which is then covered with M.S Plates. The modules of the weighbridge consist of a tough, cubical web-like design. These modules comprise of one steel deep part, known as “I” Beams. These beams are longitudinally placed in the traffic’s direction. The I beams sustain the actual weight. Under the beams, the load cells are systematically mounted.

Pit less weighbridges are ideal in places where quarrying work for any kind of foundation is quite difficult or it is expensive to construct a pit from scratch. The structure of the pit less weighbridge is kept above the ground level. Vehicles can thus approach the weighbridge from two directions where the ramps are placed. Wel-Tech enjoys the reputation of being the most trusted exporter of a wide range of high-end electronic weighbridges. Skilled and highly trained professionals work towards building these weighbridges which are a hallmark of advanced technology and stringent quality measures.

Wel-Tech’s pit less weighbridges are known for accurate results, compact size, durability and those requiring minimum maintenance. Our machines also reduce the civil costs as less excavation is involved which have earned some of the most reputed clients in the industry.







  • Costly Pit construction is eliminated.
  • Platform above ground level- No water logging during rainy season
  • Problem of pit maintenance is eliminated.
  • Easy maintenance since all parts accessible above ground level.
  • Suitable for places where the excavation work for foundation is difficult


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