Modular Weighbridge


Modular Weighbridge – one of the most used weighbridges in recent times, is one of the products WelTech Weighing System offers. Modular Weighbridge is in demand because of EASY TO USE features.
Main feature of Modular Weighbridge is “Ease of Erection”. Modular Weighbridge can be dismantled easily and again erected with ease at any other location.
This is a new and revolutionary concept that offers high level of accuracy and lowest level of maintenance than major of the other weighbridges. Available in both pit and surface mounted variants; modular weighbridge provides a very cost effective solution for a wide range of applications.

Modular design of the weighbridge facilitates transport, handling and installation and this also reduces the need for maintenance of the load-bearing surface.

Features of Modular Weighbridge

• High Strength
The top deck plate is fully welded and well supported by cross beams. The joints are not welded to increase the strength. Material of the deck is Mild Steel, that also adds to the strength and makes it more suitable for remote locations.
• Accuracy
The structural design which is customized and innovative, offers high level of accuracy. The Load Cells are kept in a position that are easily accessible, and also provides higher accuracy for load measurement.
• Low Maintenance
Modular design, welding, material and ease of use make the maintenance cost almost negligible. The down time and maintenance is also low, which ultimately reduces the overall loss or work.



Pit type or Pit Less weighbridge are commercial weighbridges which are developed and designed on specific design and erected on site. Foundation work is to be done at site before weighbridge can be set up at the site.


Modular weighbridge is a combination of different modules which are manufactured at workshop and then taken to the site for set up. These modules can be dismantled easily and can be transported to other destination with ease.


Another advantage of Modular weighbridge can be the future upgrades n the weighbridge simply by adding required modules. In normal weighbridges this can be very difficult to add as they are structured and welded weighbridge.


In commercial weighbridge load cells are kept in all corners of weighbridge, this leads to bending of the weighbridge from middle part. In modular weighbridge, different modules are perfectly welded that reduces the chances of bending.


Wel-Tech Weighing System, being a leading manufacturer of Electronic weighbridge, Modular weighbridge, Pit Type weighbridge, Pit less weighbridge etc; regularly indulges in R&D to come up with innovative and durable weighbridges that fulfill all your requirements. With the constant efforts of over 2 decades, we are in a position to offer you high quality weighbridges.

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