I.T For digital load cell


Technical Specification


:32bit Processor

           Processor Clock


: 50 Mhz

           Real Time Clock             

: On Board battery backed RTC.

           RTC clock frequency

: 32.768 Khz.


  Capable of storing approx 2 Lac Weighment   records.

           Power supply

: SMPS power supply:

           Keyboard port

: 101-key with USB connector compatible   keyboard.

           USB port

:  USB port configured for pen Drive.

           Printer port

:  Isolated Centronics compatible printer port    for connecting 80-column dot matrix printer.

           RS-232 Serial port

:  For computer interfacing, driving remote :  displays and Modem (optional).


[A] 2.5 fuse for input AC mains.

[B] Input line filter for EMI and RFI Supperession.

[3] Spike suppressor for input transients.

[4] Opto-isolation of signals and i/Os for high immunity from electrical noise.

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