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Wel-Tech Weighing Solutions is a name to reckon with when it comes to quality weighbridge solutions like truck weighbridge, mobile weighbridge and portable weighbridge. We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of an extensive range of weighbridge systems. If you are looking for any kind of axle weighbridge systems, then Wel-Tech is the place where you should be. Our product portfolio spans across truck weighbridges, axle weighbridges, portable weighbridges as well as portable axle weighbridges. We are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Under truck weighbridges, you can find in motion axle weighbridges that provide an all-inclusive weighing system for different kinds of heavy duty vehicles that run on the road. These weighbridges are manufactured using superior quality raw materials and are strictly tested for quality as well as other pre-defined parameters before shipped out to clients. Understanding the changing needs of clients in a volatile manufacturing and production environment, we also provide customized weighing solutions to meet the desired specifications of the clients.

Over the years, Wel-Tech has strengthened its market position as one of the leading axle weighbridge manufacturers. The axle weighbridges manufactured at Wel-Tech have a weight bearing capacity of 50 tons per axle. These weighbridges can weigh up to 99 scales and can weigh heavy trucks up to 120 tons. Each of the axles in these weighbridges is weighed separately. The total of all axles weighed is known as G.V.W.  One major benefit of using Wel-Tech axle weighbridges is that it drastically reduces civil work costs which is why these are preferred by many industry operators.  The accuracy of these weighbridges is stated to be better than 0.1% which is unmatched by most other weighing system manufacturers.

Wel-Tech’s axle weighbridges find applications in the mining and the construction industry. These weighbridges are also used to determine axle weight overload. They are also heavily used at check posts. There are several benefits of using the axle weighbridge. First and foremost, they offer complete ease of usage. As the vehicle drives over the top of the platform at a very low speed, the TonTel electronics accurately record the weight of each axle as the vehicle is moving on the platform.

The axle weighbridges manufactured at Wel-Tech are designed to weigh tandem axles, single axles as well as tri-axle combinations with equal ease and precision. Accurate results are derived since each of the axle weights are recorded separately. The axle weighbridge is then lowered in the ground to ensure complete precision as no adjustment can be made in the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

Being manufactured with the most advanced technology,Wel-Tech’s axle weighbridges offer complete convenience in on-site installation.

We offer in motion axle weigh bridge that provides weighing solutions for all type of vehicles that are on the road. These are manufactured from quality raw material and are quality tested on well-defined parameters before being delivered to our clients. We also meet customized specifications.


Axel Weighbridge:

Capacity up to 50 tons /Axle
Weigh up to 99 scales
Weigh trucks up to 120 tons
Each axle weighed independently
The sum total of all axle weighed is G.V.W.
Very low cost on Civil work
Accuracy better than 0.1%


Construction and mining industry
Determination of overload of axle weights
Check posts.


Large external display available
Traffic light signaling
Dynamic & static weighing
Tare restoring facility

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